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Drunk and happy

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(take a shot)

Just for shits and giggles... [12 Feb 2011|08:56pm]

Its been ages since I've been on here so here's a few fun shots of things i might not fully remember.

Rock bar madness..

Im pretending to care...

Serious drunk face..

Drunken talks are the best!

Jane is such a tease!

No comment...

Not a good idea!

Caught drinking at work!

Butt beer!

Under cover!

(2 drunks take a shot)

||| Tesseractive Actung ||| [15 Feb 2005|07:32pm]


Back from a north cawkalackey trip which was so joygasmik it resulted in an unwarrented trip to the emergency room..
now back to whorida it's about due fackin' time to add a post 'ere.
Just some debached pompous pix0rz from zee trip;

I cater for all the mucus-eating, lobotomized psychiatric out-patients and rump-wrecked, Internet riff-raff who ramble into our Hall of Vitriol.Collapse )

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